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Showcasing New Leisure Centre on Twin Town Visit

Visitors from Emmendingen, Newark's twin town in Germany, toured the National Civil War Centre and the new leisure centre site on Friday during a two-day fact finding mission.

Oberburgermeister Stefan Schlatterer was accompanied by Hans Jenne (Family & Culture Services, Alexander Copp (Finances & Human Resources) and Julia Sennekamp, who works alongside Mr Schlatterer.

The Chairman of Newark Twinning Association, Mrs Rita Crowe, said the visitors were impressed with both facilities.

"They were enthusiastic about what they saw", she said. "I was proud to show them both centres."

At a meeting in the Town Hall with the Mayor of Newark, Cllr Rob Crowe, the Town Clerk, Mr Alan Mellor and Council Leader, Cllr David Lloyd, they discussed political systems.